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A poor couple came to America and in eight years, they were millionaires. How did they do it? They quickly learned from a math teacher the value of compound interest. So they focused on saving and investing their income. They bought only compact cars; paid their credit-card bills in full each month; shopped at discount stores; and took sack lunches to work. Some years they saved up to 66% of their income. By focusing all their energies on becoming rich, they succeeded. Jesus invites us to have a clear focus on eternal values—even as we fulfill our earthly duties. He said (Luke 12) people who have a clear eternal focus seek the Kingdom of God above all else. They aim to live with integrity instead of being hypocrites. They honor and revere God, knowing that He cares for them. They do not allow the blind pursuit of money and materialism to keep them from being faithful to God. They count on God to sustain them even when the way seems bleak. They are not ashamed of Jesus Christ, and remain alert to the reality that one day He will return. They are not lazy but are diligent to use the abilities and resources entrusted to them. They know that one day they must give an account to God for how they used the abilities and resources He gave them. That is how kingdom focused people aim to live.

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