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According to one source, you may be able to blame parents for things like your politics, prejudices, or even the shape of your nose. But there are some things you cannot blame on your parents—your guilt or innocence for the things you do. That is because each of us has a free will, capable of making our own decisions. When we reach the age of accountability—whatever that age is, God holds each of us accountable what we do. God does not hold parents liable for what children decide independently. Long ago, God made that clear to Ezekiel (Ch. 18). People were saying that God was punishing them for the sins of their parents. Here is how God responded to this false accusation. God said a wicked man may have a son who rejects his father’s wicked lifestyle, and chooses to live a righteous life: “such a person will not die because of his father’s sins.” That is because the son chose to live righteously. He chose not to worship idols, commit adultery, or exploit the poor. He is fair to debtors, gives food to the hungry, and clothes for the needy.” So since God keeps a record and holds each of us accountable for all our own deeds, we should be careful in what we do.

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