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An article at Christianity.com lists 10 reasons to avoid premarital sex: God’s word forbids it; abstinence reserves the blessing for the wedding night; if we wait, we will be healthier spiritually, physically, and emotionally; by waiting, we show concern for our partner; waiting is a real test of true love; we avoid many negative outcomes like unwanted pregnancy; we keep our Christian testimony intact; and we wait for God’s perfect will. In 1 Corinthians Chapter 10, the Apostle Paul has another critical reason to avoid sex outside of marriage. He points to the experience of ancient Israel. They had received incredible blessings from God, including liberation from slavery, protection from their enemies, provision of water, manna, meat, clothes, and shoes that did not wear out. Despite all of God’s blessings, they ignored God’s command to reserve sex for marriage. Asa result, they suffered God’s judgment for that and the sin of idolatry—24,000 people died in one day! Paul urged the Christians in Corinth and us to learn from Israel’s history. Otherwise, we too can incur God’s discipline, and suffer the inevitable consequences of sex outside of marriage.

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