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Back in 1820, one writer recorded this prayer by slaves: “When will Jehovah hear our cries? When will the sun of freedom rise? When will for us a Moses stand, and bring us out from Pharaoh’s hand?” Slaves and many abolitionists often prayed that God would end the long night of slave brutality. Like Daniel of old, they interceded with God on behalf of those who suffered. We learn from the book of Daniel how he prayed for the liberation of his people. In Daniel Chapter 9 he wrote, “I went on praying and confessing my sin and the sin of my people, pleading with the Lord my God for Jerusalem, his holy mountain.” One notable characteristic of Daniel’s prayers was his utter selflessness. On the one hand, he identified with God’s justice in permitting his people to go into exile. They had repeatedly broken God’s laws. On the other hand, Daniel identified with his people. He pleaded that God would show them mercy; that God would fulfill His promise to let them go home after 70 years in exile. God responded to Daniel’s prayers. God dispatched an angel to assure Daniel that God had heard his prayers, and would deliver his people as He had promised to do. Daniel was not perfect, but he had a passion to do God’s will. God honors those who have a burning desire to do His will.

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