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When Politicians Want It Both Ways

At religion reporters meeting, surrogates for Obama and Romney seemed to want to woo faith voters, but limit reporters’ faith questions. Should faith be off-limits?

Obama v. Romney, Round 1

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney face off for their first debate tonight. What won’t they be talking about?

Real Girls in a Photoshopped World

A 14-year-old student’s protest against the unrealistic bodies of models in teen fashion magazines leads to a mini-revolution. But can it tamp down our culture’s obsession with idealized and overly sexual images in the media?

Is Black Church Culture Unhealthy?

OPINION: From the looks of the overweight bodies in the pews and the high-fat soul food meals in our church basements, it’s hard to escape the possibility that many of the practices and traditions of the black church may be killing us.

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Mystery Mood Disorder

Stigma and shame are common barriers to treatment for mental illness, especially in the Black community. Therapist LaTonya Mason Summers says this could be one reason Jesse Jackson Jr.’s mood disorder diagnosis remains a mystery.

Asian Americans Object to Pew Survey

Asian Americans are on the rise demographically, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. But some activists object, saying the community is not monolithic.

Listening to Immigrant Children

The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier discusses her new, award-nominated book, ‘Listen to the Children: Conversations with Immigrant Families.’

Who Will Speak Up for Murdered Children?

Violent crime is down nationally with the exception of family violence, says journalist Karen Spears Zacharias, author of a new book that tells the story of one child murder in order to bring attention to them all.

Can Bullying Lead to Murder or Suicide?

From the Oikos University shooting to Tyler Clementi’s suicide to the new film, ‘Bully,’ the ‘bullied into it’ narrative is a common one. But could this storyline do more harm than good?

Good Hair Days

The long, twisted journey of a Black woman’s hair — from cornrows to Halle Berry and back.

Obama Birth Control Compromise Take 2

Activist Lisa Sharon Harper and ethicists Cheryl J. Sanders and Charles C. Camosy weigh in on the Obama administration’s contraception mandate accommodation.

Obama’s Contraception Decision

Response has been fast and furious to the Obama administration’s announcement that there will be no conscience exemption in its health care law for religious organizations that oppose birth control. Here’s a round-up of opinions.

2011 News Highlights

We didn’t cover all the top news of 2011 at UrbanFaith, but we did shine our own unique spotlight on much of it. Here are some highlights.

UrbanFaith’s 2011 Hit List

Articles about single ladies, Zachery Tims, black hair, Steve Jobs, Detroit, Gadhafi, and the ‘Rainbow Right’ were among our most popular of 2011.

Sponsoring a Resonse to HIV/AIDS

Could child sponsorship be a manageable way for ‘people in the pew’ to make a long-term difference in the lives of those impacted by HIV/AIDS?

Protecting the Children

The Penn State tragedy is an important opportunity to shine needed light on the pervasive crime of child sexual abuse. Tips for recognizing and confronting the problem.

Blacks Are Better Off, New Measure Says

The U.S. Census Bureau’s new Supplemental Poverty Measure says African Americans are better off than previously reported, and a bureau official attributes the difference to alternative living arrangements and government benefits.

The Breast Cancer Reality Check

One in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. With stats like those, I had to start paying attention — as every woman should.

Truth at a Beauty Pageant

Miss Universe winner Leila Lopes of Angola highlights her nation’s troubles, says she’s happy with the way God made her, and declares racism so last century. Is her win redemptive?

Is That Hair Killing You?

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, some women are jeopardizing their health in order to protect their hairstyles.

Church & State Fighting Obesity

Do Churches Have a Role to Play in Fighting Obesity? Long before First Lady Michelle Obama began advocating the Let's Move anti-obesity campaign, Rev. Michael O. Minor, pastor of Oak Hill Baptist Church in the Mississippi Delta, was convincing his congregation and...

Who’s Fault Is the Achievement Gap?

On August 28, a monument to civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. will be unveiled in our nation's capital, but two new polls suggest that White Americans still see the African American experience through a privileged lens. Cross-Racial Consensus/Discord With the...

The Crass Supper

Food, Inc. is a difficult but necessary film for anyone who eats food.

Recession Depression

The nation’s economic woes are taking a toll on our mental health. A Christian counselor shares her insights on coping with financial frustration.

What Have You Done for YOU Lately?

When was the last time you actually set aside time to do something nice for yourself? If you're like many mothers, it may have been quite a while. With all the tasks and chores that are typically on the average mom's "to do" list in a given week, it's no wonder that...

What to Know About H2O

In the beginning, there was water. And lots of it! In the Bible you will find divided waters, gathered waters, flowing water, and water that brings forth and sustains life. Water can be both deadly and life-giving. Drinking the right amount of water is a topic that we...