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In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classical novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she depicts a slave mother running away with her baby to keep her slave-master from selling her child. Historians say her novel helped pave the way to end slavery in America. Experts say that the system of splitting families during slavery, while not the only reason, is one reason so many fractured families exist today. Years ago, Pharaoh gave the order to decimate Israelite families by killing all the males. Exodus Chapter 2 tells how God intervened to spare baby Moses—because God intended to use him to liberate his nation. Remarkably, God used several females to undercut Pharaoh’s plans. Female midwives refused to kill all babies. Moses’ mother wisely weaved a basket and sealed it with tar to protect her baby son. Pharaoh’s daughter arrived at the river at just the right time to see and have compassion for baby Moses. Her female attendants fetched the basket with Moses in it. Moses sister Miriam saw and spoke the right words at the right time. She convinced Pharaoh’s daughter to hire the baby’s own mother to care for the baby. We must never undervalue God’s wisdom and power to carry out His plans. At the same time, we must do all we can to foster Christ-centered families—families that equip people, especially children, to function in our society.

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