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According to medical experts, most people who commit suicide do so for one of six reasons: They are depressed and feel hopeless; they’re psychotic—inner voices urge them to die; they are impulsive, inspired by drugs; they’re crying for help; they’re trying to take control of their future; or they accidentally take their lives. Beneath most, if not all suicides, is the loss of hope—the emotion that God offers to those who reach out and accept Him by faith. The hope God offers is, as B.M. Nottage observed, “good when you are well, better when you are sick, and best when you are dead.” The book of Revelation chapter 7 records the destiny of those who choose to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. God offers this promise to comfort His children when they face difficulties here on earth. Despite their pain, they are encouraged to know that eternal hope is ahead. We read, “The Lamb on the throne will be their Shepherd. He will lead them to springs of life-giving water. And God will wipe every tear from their eyes.” God’s promise to satisfy us fully forever is not a pipe dream. It is an unbreakable promise for all who accept His Son by faith and live in a relationship with Him now.

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