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“When E. F. Sutton talks, people listen.” That was a popular ad back in the 1980s. Its aim was to assure us we could trust their stock market predictions. While Jesus was on earth, He assured us of His identity, authority, and reliability. John records in his Gospel that at least six times Jesus said, “I have come down from heaven.” Based on this fact, it makes no sense to ignore what Jesus said and did. What greater authority could He have than having come heaven itself? But to grasp the value of His claim, consider these other facts: 1.) God created everything in the universe, including you and me. 2.) God has revealed Himself, not only in creation but in a book, we call the Bible. 3.) The reason for so much chaos and conflict in the world is that we are alienated from God, and we long for Good News to fix our brokenness and give us hope. Jesus said He came from heaven to do just that. He paid our sin debt so we could have peace with God. He offers believers the power to live triumphantly in this world. In John 6, Jesus added that a last day is coming, and that He will be in charge of it. He will resurrect those who believe in him. They will enjoy eternal life. People who truly believe what Jesus said get their house in order; they seek to honor and obey the One who came from heaven.

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