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Frank Huston wrote the classic hymn “It Pays to Serve Jesus.” The chorus goes like this, “It pays to serve Jesus; It pays every day. It pays every step of the way. Though the pathway to glory may sometimes be drear, you’ll be happy each step of the way.” The author Israel’s ancient history sought to convey that truth as he recounted the experiences of their kings. He describes the reign of King Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26. Uzziah became king when he was 16 years old and ruled for 52 years. For many of those years, He did what pleased the LORD, just as his father Amaziah had done. A man by the name of Zechariah taught him to fear God. As long as the king sought guidance from the LORD, God gave him success. He won many battles, built great towers, had a powerful army, and amassed enormous wealth. There came a time, however, after he became powerful that pride led to his downfall. He became unfaithful to the LORD, went into the temple, and offered incense contrary to the law God had established. God was so displeased with his actions, that God struck him with leprosy. From that day until he died, he had to live in an isolated house. Power went to his head. Frank Huston wrote: “It pays to serve Jesus whatever betides, It pays to be true whatever you may do; ‘Tis riches of mercy in Him to abide; It pays to serve Jesus each day.”

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