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According to experts, sleeplessness has many psychological and physical causes. Too much caffeine, pain in the body, or the side effects of medicine are just a few reasons people cannot get enough sleep. Worry is also a major cause of sleeplessness. Notice how David dealt with his troubled mind. His son Absalom was leading a coup to take over his throne. David had to flee for his life. Yet despite this very stormy situation, he found peace in the midst of the storm. How did he do it? We read in Psalm 3 that first, he confessed to God the gravity of the situation—many people had joined the conspiracy to defeat him. He had many enemies; but he also knew that was not the full story. He knew that the LORD was a shield around him. God could protect him and preserve the throne for him. So he cried out to God in prayer. He reminded himself of how powerful and caring God is. He said, “LORD, you are a shield around me; you are my glory, the one who holds my head high.” Then he lay down and went to sleep! When he awoke he said, “I lay down and slept, for the LORD was watching over me.” He confidently expected God to protect him. So when we face fearful situations that could rob us of our peace, faith enables us to place our concerns into the hands of our heavenly Father, and go to sleep.

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