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A Gallop poll reveals that 92% of Americans believe married people should not have sex outside of marriage. Yet sadly, many people do not practice what they believe. Many young people now have the philosophy that they do not want or need a marriage covenant. They prefer to engage in sex whenever they like and walk away from a partner at will. That lack of marital faithfulness mirrors the attitude many people have toward God. When God created us, He designed us for an intimate relationship with Him. Satan convinced Adam and Eve they would find greater satisfaction if they rejected God. Adam and his wife Eve both ate the forbidden fruit. The two of them rejected God’s authority, and their rebellious attitude has passed from one generation to the next. God would later affirm to ancient Israel, “You must not have any other god but me.” God said this, not to prevent us from enjoying life, but because God, as our Creator, knows what can really satisfy us. God warned ancient Israel to reject all other gods. They should do so because it was He who delivered them from Egyptian slavery–not idols. In the same way, God tells us to worship and obey Him because He alone gives us life. He alone keeps us alive day by day. He supplies each breath we take. He knows our destiny. God is so good to us. Let us love and serve only Him.

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