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In describing the New Jerusalem where God’s people will one day live, John, in the book of Revelation, uses multiples of twelve—12 gates, 12 stones, 12 angels, 12 foundations, and 12 pearls. Many Bible scholars believe these multiples of 12 may be a way of describing the perfect environment God is planning for His people. New Jerusalem will have perfect peace, perfect safety, perfect protection, and perfect enjoyment. God will spare nothing to give occupants the very best He wishes to bestow. It is a place of ultimate joy and fulfillment in a home that lasts forever. To some, such a hope seems so farfetched they quickly dismiss it as fantasy, unattainable, but for those who have come to faith in God know He never makes idle promises or engages in small talk. So they look forward to that day. And in anticipation of its coming, they sharpen their focus, put a spring in their step, and encourage themselves to persevere for the cause of Christ. They refuse to give in to distractions even when progress seems slow. In tough times, God’s Spirit whispers that He is not finished with them yet. No one should be deceived. For those who belong to Christ, a new day is coming, even though we do not know when.

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