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Cartoons often use exaggeration to make a point. In one, a man is praying saying, “Lord, I know I am supposed to love my neighbor, but have seen him recently. He is arrogant, vindictive, hateful,–impossible to tolerate. So if it is all right with you, Lord. You love my neighbor and I will love you.” St Augustine knew that attitude would never work. Here is what he said: “The love of God is the first and great commandment. But love of our neighbor is the means by which we obey it. Since we cannot see God directly, God allows us to catch sight of him through our neighbor. By loving our neighbor, we purge our eyes to see God. So love your neighbor and you will discover that in doing so you come to know God.” Solomon, in the book of Proverbs, spells out some ways we can show love to our neighbors. In ch 3, we read, “Be fair and helpful to neighbors. Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it is in your power to help them. Do not harm or falsely accuse a neighbor. Do not envy a violent or wicked man or copy their ways. Don’t plot harm against your neighbor; those who live nearby {neighbors] trust you. Do not pick a fight without reason when no one has done you harm. Rather, remember that the LORD offers his friendship to the godly. So let us, today, love our neighbors.

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