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As a contractor pours concrete for a new home, you may wonder what the house will look like. Then after days of building out the frame, roof, walls, doors, windows, you delight to see a beautiful home. Today, we are watching the God of the universe work on a plan He envisioned back in eternity–a multitude of people who would bear the moral likeness of His Son. In time, God created Adam and Eve–the head of the human race. Despite their willful rejection of God as their Creator, God chose not to destroy them, but to redeem them. To do so, God chose Abraham, an offspring of Adam. Abraham gave birth to a nation through whom God’s Son would enter the human race. Jesus Christ came and gave himself to be God’s sacrificial Lamb–to die for the sins of all the people. Sadly, only a few of Jesus’ own ethnic group, the Jews, accepted Him as God’s Son. But as Paul argues in Romans 9, the Jewish rejection of Jesus as the Messiah opened the door for all humanity to be saved. Paul quoted the ancient prophet Hosea to reinforce this point. “Those who were not my people, I will now call my people. And I will love those whom I did not love before. And at the place where they were told

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