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The classic hymn “Beneath the Cross of Jesus” has a stanza that goes like this: “Upon that cross of Jesus, mine eyes at times can see the very dying form of one, who suffered there for me. And from my smitten heart with tears, two wonders I confess—the wonders of His glorious love and my unworthiness.” King David once expressed those same two wonders. He did it when he got the news of what God had promised him. Long before David, God told Abraham that God would bless the world through this patriarch. Now 1,000 years later, God sends a message to Abraham’s offspring, King David. God sends him this message in response to David’s expressed desire to build a temple for God. We read in 2 Samuel 7, where God says, “No David, instead of you building a temple for me, I am going to build a dynasty for you. … Your house and your kingdom will continue before me for all time, and your throne will be secure forever.” Jesus Christ fulfilled that promise. When David got that news, he went into the tent where the Ark was located, and he just sat there. He was overwhelmed at God’s generosity. Today, God offers us eternal life through faith in His Son Jesus. God’s gift is so complete, so awesome, so long lasting that, like David, we bow before God and confess two wonders: the wonders of God’s glorious love and our unworthiness.

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