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A country minister used his guitar to explain to his people what free will meant. He picked and played this song: “If a nest of live hornets invaded this room, and the creatures allowed to go free, you would not need urging to make yourself scarce, you would want to get out, don’t you see! They would not grab you by force of their strength, throw you out of the window, oh no! They would not compel you to go against your will—they would just make you willing to go.” The song goes on to say, “When Jonah was sent to do the work of the Lord, the outlook for him did not seem bright. He never had done such a hard thing before, so he decided to run from the fight. Now the Lord sent a great fish to swallow him up. The story I’m sure you all know. God did not compel him against his own will, He just made him willing to go.” Jonah learned, as many people have, that when we end up in the fish’s belly—in dire situations, totally dependent upon God for survival—our attitudes toward God often change. Jonah’s prayer in Chapter 2 shows us how his attitude and plans all changed. So when God spoke to him the second time, he did not hesitate to go to Nineveh. People who choose to heed God’s call to serve Him often give this testimony: Obeying God brings not only His provisions to do it, but inner peace and fulfillment.

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