Current Events


Marcus Garvey’s Dark Mirror

In NPR’s February 17th episode of Throughline, Marcus Garvey takes center stage as an enigmatic, underrated, revolutionary figure on a mad quest to reconnect former American slaves to their motherland via the Black Star Line.

UrbanFaith is Expanding!

UMI has teamed up with HarperCollins Christian Publishing to launch, a subscription-based digital platform with an expanding library of more than 100 video sermons and studies.

Will my book be banned?

This power of books — to create new realities for readers — is why there’s something particularly heinous about banning books. Right now, regressive forces in our land are coming up with lists of books that should be banned from schools.

This teen has a lot to tell Eric Adams about the future of NYC schools

In promising to rebuild the department of education from the ground up, Mayor-elect Eric Adams and incoming schools Chancellor David Banks vowed to seek input from students. High school senior Mia Payne, 17, is one of four youth co-chairs on the education transition committee for the new Eric Adams administration.