My United Methodist church, along with many other churches of all denominations, announced it would be closing its doors for at least a month, maybe two. I felt such a loss. Yes, I know people are going to church everywhere nowadays — in movie theaters, houses, cafes, etc. But for me, going to church is where I visit my second family unplugged. It’s a refuge from all the crazy that comes my way from 9-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. This past weekend, my church tried online streaming of the service for the first time. Keep in mind that our congregation is a tad on the older end — READ: Lots of grey hair. Yeah, it was…okay. I suggested to my mom, who is among the decision-makers of what to do, that they consider entirely rethinking how they reach out to people online. You can’t just throw a camera up and do what you’ve always done. The experience needs to be more personal — or at least tailored to the digital audience. That got me thinking. Which churches do that well? Where can any of us go on Sunday, or any day of the week, to get our worship on during this Coronavirus pandemic? The Urban Faith team asked friends, family, and Facebook members. Below are 10 great options that were recommended by our online community. Some are Black churches, others are mixed. Get your praise on and take a moment to offer up prayers for those who are sick and suffering.

  1. Elevation Church
  2. Victory Cathedral Worship Center
  3. Transformation Church
  4. Trinity United Church of Christ
  5. New Church of Faith
  6. Faith Inspirational Church (sermon on social media)
  7. Blueprint Chuch (messages on social media)
  8. Bethel AME
  9. Liquid Church
  10. Real Life Church

Your church not listed? We have an ongoing list on Facebook. Add yours!

Can you recommend the best churches to follow on social media?

Posted by Urban Faith on Thursday, February 20, 2020

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