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A hungry airline passenger opened his salad to see a roach. He wrote a scathing letter to the airline president. The president replied. He apologized profusely, promising to debug the plane and fire the airline attendant. As the passenger finished reading the letter, he noticed another page. It was his original letter to the president and a note scribbled to his secretary that said, “send this guy the standard ‘roach’ letter.’ Such a scribbled note reflected contempt for the badly treated passenger. We learn in 1 Corinthians Chapter 11, that in the Corinthian church, rich believers were showing contempt to the poor, and the Apostle Paul rebuked them for it. The church gathered weekly for what was supposed to be a love feast—a common meal to foster unity and love for each other. It ended with a remembrance of God’s love expressed in Christ’s death. The rich believers in the church began to form cliques and look down on the poor people. The well-off people came early and ate their meals before the poor people arrived, so they would not have to share with them. The church of Jesus Christ is the one gathering where Big “I’s” and little “You’s” ought not to exist. Christ designed the local church to be a place of fellowship for believers of every description. Our task is to keep it that way.

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