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Whether a person buys or sells a home, the process is a serious transaction. That’s because both the seller and the buyer must prove that they can deliver on their promises. That’s somewhat similar to what Abraham requested from God. We learn from Genesis Chapter 15, that in a vision, God appeared to Abram and assured him that he would have many offspring, despite his old age. The Bible says Abram believed God and God declared him righteous because of his faith. Then God told Abram that he intended to give him the land of Canaan. Abram’s response to this was to say to God, “O Sovereign LORD, how can I know (or be sure) that I will gain possession of this land?” God then followed the local custom to confirm His covenant with Abram. God told Abram to bring three animals and two birds. Abram split the animals in half and laid them side-by-side. Later that evening, a flaming torch, untouched by human hands, passed through the split animals and as it did so, God declared that the land from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates River would belong to Abram’s offspring. Of course, we know that God’s promise is unshakable. Yet God’s timing is not always clear to us. For that reason, we work for peace and justice as we wait for God to unfold His plans.

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