In spite of the uproar of supporters and non-supporters of Hobby Lobby blurring the future for many small businesses nationwide, there is some good news to start 4th of July weekend right:

The Spike Lee directed film ‘Do the Right Thing’ celebrates its 25th anniversary in Brooklyn, New York. Find out why it’s one of President and First Lady Obama’s fondest memories.

For all the basketball fans, the NBA welcomed its first player of Indian descent to to the Sacramento Kings. He is also the biggest player in the league. (

KeKe Palmer’s talk show “Just Keke” aired on BETand is geared toward the issues that concern a younger generation, the show will air daily at 5:00PM/EST. (IndieWire)

And yet more news from BET: Lena Waithe seals a deal with the network to produce a television series based on her YouTube web series ‘Twenties.’ (Black America Web)

A new program will be implemented in South Carolina to help remedy the shortage of teachers of color–particularly African-American males. (Colorlines)

Paul Quinn College Gets $4.4 Million making it the institution’s largest donation in the its history (Dallas Business Journal)

It has been fifty years since President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. We remember this pivotal moment in history through Rev. Al Sharpton’s interview with Tom Joyner (Tom Joyner Morning Show)

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

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