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Chuck Colson founded Prison Fellowship and inspired the Justice Fellowship. The two groups merged in 2001. The stated mission of the Justice Fellowship is to reform our justice system so communities are safe, victims are respected, and offenders are transformed. Rather than just warehousing criminals, the group works to help offenders repair the harm they’ve done to victims and take steps to avoid repeating their crimes. The Justice Fellowship works to foster fairness in our society. When the prophet Habakkuk saw all the violence and destruction in his day, he asked the LORD, “How long must I call for help and you do not listen? Why don’t you do something?” God replied, “I am raising up the Babylonians. They will punish the evildoers.” Habakkuk said, “Wait a minute LORD, they are more wicked than we are. Will you use people more wicked than we are to punish us? Is that fair?” God replied, “Don’t worry, after the Babylonians punish your people, I will use another country to punish them.” And God said, “even though they may be slow in coming, wait patiently, they will surely come.” This shows us that God is concerned when people suffer injustice. So we’re in good company when we work to right wrongs and see justice prevail in our society.

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