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Carl Rowan, the famous columnist, gave credit to a former teacher for his success as a writer. He said she once read a quote in class that said, “Make no little plans; make big plans, aim high in hope and in work.” Rowan said that statement read by his teacher made such an impact on him that 30 years later, he mentioned her in a speech he gave. The story got back to his teacher, and she bubbled over with joy that her teaching had made such an impact on Rowan. When we express gratitude for the blessings we enjoy, we benefit ourselves and the person we compliment. Jesus once used the actions of a grateful woman to teach an important lesson about gratitude. In Luke 7 we read how Jesus rebuked an ungrateful dinner host and applauded the actions of a grateful woman. Jesus said to the dinner host, “When I entered your home, you didn’t offer me water to wash the dust from my feet, but she has washed them with her tears and wiped them with her hair.” Jesus then said to the woman, “Your sins are forgiven.” He saw in this woman her desire for forgiveness and cleansing. Her actions sprang from a grateful heart for what Jesus had done by accepting her and forgiving her. It’s a vivid reminder that in view of all that God has done for us because of His Son, we ought to show our gratitude by living to please Him each day.

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