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According to some surveys of wealthy people, less than 10% say they inherit their money. The vast majority say they earn it. We don’t know how Joseph of Arimathea got his money, but the Bible tells us he was rich. Luke (chapter 23) also describes him as good and righteous. This Joseph was that secret disciple who buried Jesus in his own new tomb. Luke goes on to say he was a member of the Jewish high council, and that he waited for the Kingdom of God to arrive. As a Kingdom focused man, he doubtless sought to do the will of God. But unlike many who are wealthy, he did not let money destroy his character. Luke says he was good. This often describes people who do good deeds from three angles: They do their deeds based on a right standard; they do them with a right motive of love; and they do them with the right aim—to please God. Joseph was a good and just man. He took a righteous stand in refusing to join the Sanhedrin in asking Pilate to sentence Jesus to death. That was a good deed. After Jesus had died, he courageously went to Pilate, requested our Lord’s body, and buried him in his own new tomb. He used his wealth for the glory of God. Performing good deeds that benefit people and bring honor to God is something we should all do—whether we have wealth or not.

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