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According to a Pew study, church attendance is declining among most young adults ages 19-29. Many of these so-called millenials say it’s because church is boring—it’s not dealing with issues that concern them. But church attendance of this same age group of African Americans remains steady. One reason is that most Black young adults regard the church, not only as the place to worship, but also a place to address their social and emotional issues—as the church in the Black community gas historically been. The Apostle Paul had some wise advice for young adults. In the church at Ephesus, young widows were struggling to find their place. Writing to Timothy, Ch.5, Paul urged these young adults to be careful, lest in their youthful zeal false teachers lead them astray. He urged them to be good homemakers. Sadly today, some cringe at that thought. They forget that home is where values are formed, where character is shaped for life by caring parents—mother and father. Even though in our day, many Black young men are absent, it is still critical to prepare people to live. And the local church is often the young adult’s best friend.

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