Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus” played by Gerald ‘Slink’ Johnson

Aaron McGruder is back with “Black Jesus,” a live-action comedy series involving—you guessed it—a black Jesus, played by Gerald “Slink” Johnson. In the show, Jesus walks the streets of present-day Compton, and living out the modern-day gospel.

If you’re familiar with McGruder’s previous works, this work embodies his trademark radical perspective that raises many questions that conflict with society. The Huffington Post says that it seems this show might not do theology justice – meaning it does not exemplify the role that a non-white Jesus has played in black liberation theology. What exactly does that mean? In response to the featured trailer, Princeton religion professor Eddie S. Glaude Jr. says that the show represents many racial stereotypes and fails to give a sense of what the nature of Black Jesus’ ministry is. But we want to know what you think.

Could McGruder’s new show be accurate, especially in light of modernity? Is doing theology justice a fair thing to ask given McGruder’s previous work and what his current aims might be? Can we just be entertained by this satirical black Jesus or must everything be critiqued when it comes to Jesus?

Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

“Black Jesus” will premiere on the Adult Swim network on August 7, 2014.


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