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Most of us enjoy hearing birds sing. But did you know birds save farmers billions of dollars each year? They control insects that kill plants. Without them, we’d pay a lot more for food. Birds may be small, but they are valuable. The author of Psalm 84 took delight that birds could nest at the Temple—where people met with God. He wrote, “Even the sparrow finds a home, and the swallow builds her nest and raises her young at a place near your altar.” But most of all, the psalmist was delighted that God’s people had a place to gather—A Temple where God promised to meet with them. Even though their journey to the Temple was often treacherous, they took it in stride because God was with them as they traveled, and they knew that when they arrived in Jerusalem, they would fellowship with God at the appointed place. Their faith in God made a painful trip joyful. Knowing they would meet with God and God’s people inspired them to ignore the difficulties along the way. There is a lesson in this for us. In life, we often encounter rough spots, but we need not despair. Based on God’s promise that He will never forsake His children, we keep going, confident of his presence. And we know that at the end of life’s journey, we shall see His face and enjoy His presence forever.

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