Gun Violence

Woman Crying Urban Faith InTeenGun violence is a very serious matter in the lives and communities of many Americans. All over the country you will hear on the news about a shooting or about someone dying after being shot just about every day. The average number of people killed from gun violence is 83 daily. Five of those 83 people are children, and nine are 19-year-olds. These losses completely change the future that could have been.

One of those little boys could have grown up and became a firefighter who could have saved hundreds of lives. One of the little girls could have grown up to be the very first female president. But now those chances are all gone, all because of gun violence.

Just think about how it makes a mother feel when she finds out that her child didn’t survive the travel to the hospital, or that she would end up outliving her child. It would break the mother’s heart. Can you imagine the mother of the child that fires the gun? That would completely tear her apart. It would make her think that she was a bad parent, and she would burst into tears seeing her own flesh and blood taken away for life to sit in jail because of a stupid decision to join the crowd and shoot people.

How do you think that this would make the mother feel on Mother’s Day? It’s suppose to be the day that the children get to honor their mothers. If her child is dead or in prison because of gun violence, then there is nobody to appreciate her. It would leave a hole in her heart that could never be filled. As long as gun violence exists, there will be sorrow in the world.

We are the new generation. We can stop it once and for all. We would say, “I love you, Mom… I will never leave you,” and “I promise I won’t do anything to hurt you.” Now all we have to do is live up to our promise and make the right choices.

One of those choices is not letting your child know there is a gun in the house if you have one when you become a parent. About 40% of Americans have a gun and children in the household. People buy guns for protection in their homes, but little kids may see it as some kind of toy, not really knowing its destructive properties. If they find it, they start getting curious about it. They will try to make it shoot and show it to friends. In the end, they end up accidentally firing it and either killing themselves or killing their friend. Either way, that is a loss of a life, and another mother who lost their child.

Some people may say things like “Nobody would be that dumb,” or “I know what I’m doing.” But things happen, and once they do, it can’t be changed. When someone kills a child or adult or anyone, wouldn’t their conscience bother them for the rest of their life about what they did? I mean, what if someone just shot and killed you? How would that affect your friends and family? I think someone who killed someone would be thinking about this for the rest of their life.

This is what my mother thinks about gun violence: “I think gun violence is a tool of destruction that preys on innocent victims in our communities. We lost a family member due to a random shooting inside of a nightclub. Due to black on black crimes, drive-by shootings, and accidental deaths, gun violence will continue to eliminate many young people who may have made a difference in someone else’s life.” This was a thought by an everyday mother. I’m sure that all mothers feel this way about gun violence, and this just gives another reason to bring it to an end.

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