Ebenezer Baptist, church home to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., shares a unique bond with the nation of Liberia. In February, Pastor Raphael Warnock and other members of Ebenezer took a mission trip to Liberia and visited Providence Baptist Church. Together, they celebrated the 192nd anniversary of Providence, the oldest church in Liberia. Pastor ebenezerliberiaWarnock and his members enjoyed themselves so much that they promised to return in 2015. Unfortunately, those plans have been altered due to the effect that the Ebola virus has had on Liberia.

Dr. Samuel Reeves, senior pastor of Providence, visited Atlanta this past weekend to deliver a sermon and update Ebenezer on how he and his congregation have been affected. None of Providence’s two thousand members have been infected by the virus but Reeves still asked Ebenezer to lift his congregation up in prayer.

Pastor Warnock understands the poor conditions that Liberia is currently facing and, according to raycomgroup.worldnow.com, says that although he and members of Ebenezer cannot return to Africa until the health crisis subsides, they will continue to support their Liberian friends. This is just in time for Ebenezer’s “Global Missions Sunday,” this Sunday, August 10th.

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