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Most animated movies can be very expensive to make. That is because artists have to draw hundreds and often millions of pictures to visualize a story. Positioning all those pictures to tell the story requires great skill. But think about God’s ability to orchestrate the entire universe, especially our lives. We see this illustrated in the life of a nameless woman in ancient Israel, recorded in 2 Kings 8. God had used Elisha to restore life to the woman’s son. Later, Elisha advised the woman to leave home and stay in another country to avoid a coming famine. When the famine was over, she came home and went to the king to reclaim her property. At the very time she went in to see the king, he was talking with Elisha’s assistant, Gehazi. Gehazi was telling the king about Elisha’s miracle in bringing a woman’s son back to life. As he said this, the woman walked in with her son and confirmed his story. The king, moved by the story, assured the woman that she would not only get her property back, but the value of any crops harvested during her absence. We never know how God will make things work for His children. We submit our lives to him, use our best wisdom to make the right decisions, and trust Him to make all things come out right.

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