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Even though for over 200 years, people have called America a racial and ethnic melting pot, many groups don’t enjoy a sense of community. Some say America is more like a tossed salad. Everybody wants the economic benefits the U.S. offers, but each group tends to stick with itself. Even though interracial marriages are increasing among younger people, overall the sense of community still eludes us, even among Christians. God taught His servant Peter a lesson about accepting people as they are—irrespective of their backgrounds. Peter grew up in a society that rejected Gentiles. But God had to show him that His kingdom and church was to be inclusive. So while Peter was praying on a rooftop, God lowered in front of him a sheet full of ritually unclean animals. This showed Peter that God was no respecter of persons. We find these words in Acts chapter 10: “Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean.” Peter regarded Gentiles as unclean—based on their ethnicity, culture, religion, and pagan background. The lesson God taught him was profound. While God expects us to shun all evil behavior, He wants us to love and accept all people groups. We are to be God’s agents to show His love to everyone.

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