It has been a busy week and is about to be a busier weekend as most in the world set their sights on the Super Bowl. So before you begin your team chants or your 48-hour prayer circle until the game we wanted to share this week’s good news with you.

Joy Ann Reid, managing editor of The Grio, was tapped to anchor her own afternoon show on MSNBC. She will be the fifth African-American on the network. (The Root)

The University of Ohio made history this week as they announced their first black president, Dr. Michael Drake. (Black America Web)

Cheerios issues their response to the ire from last year’s bi-racial family video during the biggest advertising day of the year, Super Bowl commercial time. (The Grio)

In one week the price of a first-class stamp went up to $0.49 and Shirley Chisolm became the new face of the Black History Month stamp series. We think the latter news is much better than the former. (Colorlines)

There’s always discussion about the correlation between religion and sports and this weekend it’s all about faith and football. Check out one Seattle Seahawks player’s encouragement to viewers to embrace Christ. (America Preachers)

Have a great weekend!






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