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Alexander Graham Bell believed he could make sound travel over wire. People thought he was crazy. But his skill gave us the telephone and benefitted the whole world. Each of us has unique abilities. Years ago, Joseph used his to help a baker and a butler to know their fate. Even in prison, he did his best to help others. It appears that somebody tried to poison the Pharaoh, so he put the baker and the butler into prison until he could investigate. While in prison, they both had dreams but neither knew their meaning. In his dream, the butler saw a grape vine with three branches producing wine. He was squeezing the wine into a cup and giving it to Pharaoh. Joseph told him that his dream meant the king would make him butler again. When the baker saw that Joseph gave the first dream such a positive meaning, he said, “I had a dream, too. In mine, three baskets of pastries were stacked on my head. The top basket had pastries for Pharaoh, but birds came and ate them from the basket on my head.” Joseph told him. “The three baskets in your dream also stand for three days; in three days, Pharaoh will hang your body on a pole, and the birds will peck your flesh.” Three days later, both dreams came true. God gives each of us abilities. When we use them to help others, God is pleased, others benefit, and we receive a blessing.

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