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Addie Wyatt (1924 – 2012), one the nation’s foremost labor leaders, dedicated her life to Christ as a child. She served in various capacities for the benefit of working people, women, neglected African Americans, and needy minorities. Early on, she became convinced that God could use her abilities as a female to make a difference in our world. Equal access to God is what the Apostle Paul taught in Galatians 3. He wrote the epistle to counteract false teaching. Teachers were telling people they had to undergo circumcision and keep the Law of Moses if they wanted God to accept them. Paul argued that the Law of Moses served to show people their sinfulness, but had no power to make them right before God. Circumcision was a sign of their covenant relationship with God, but it meant nothing if faith and obedience to God were absent. He said the inability of the law to justify them necessitated a new way to save people. So God sent His Son to die for sin, and He now declares as righteous all who accept His Son by faith. “There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” That is why people like Addie Wyatt can exercise faith in Jesus Christ and go on to serve others. It is decision we all can and should make.

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