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The United Parcel Service takes pride in how well their drivers deliver parcels. To do it, they follow a regiment. The driver always makes right turns, steps from the truck with the right foot, carries parcels under the left arm, and walks three feet per second. Supervisors check them and enforce the rules. That regiment works for UPS. Sadly, people in some religions think they have to follow rigid rules to please their god. The Apostle Paul explained the difference Christ makes when people submit to Him. He contrasts God’s new covenant with the old one. Under the old covenant, people were to keep God’s moral law and when they failed, they had a guilty conscience and no real forgiveness for their failure. But under God’s new covenant that Christ set up by paying our sin debt on the cross, God pardons us when we trust in Him to save us. In 2 Corinthians Chapter 3, Paul said the new covenant is better because it comes from God’s Spirit. Under it, God acquits us instead of condemning us, forgives us when we repent; and places us into His family to become co-heirs with His Son. Our relationship with Him lasts forever because Jesus, who paid our sin debt, lives forever to intercede for us. Under the new covenant, we can enter God’s presence any time and enjoy a warm welcome. And these are just a few of the benefits of God’s New Covenant for all who accept His Son.

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