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A Wheaton, Illinois, soccer player was dribbling full speed toward the other team’s goal. Just as he shot the ball, he noticed the clock had all zeroes. The referee signaled that the shot counted and his team had won. But the kicker knew better. So he went to his coaches and they all agreed they should concede victory to the other team. Not only did the media commend Rob Mouw for his honesty, but he also got praise from a former president of the United States. Mouw said, “To have won the game—who cares? Doing the right thing is more important.” Honesty is a biblical value. It is why the Apostle Paul challenged the believers at Corinth to test their faith. It was important not only to profess faith in Christ, but also to live as Jesus lived. The people in Corinth had questioned Paul’s qualifications as an apostle. At the same time, they were attracted to false teachers who only wanted power, prestige, and money. Paul knew this could be disastrous. He wanted them to know and grow in their faith in the Lord. He challenged them to examine, not him, but their own faith, to make sure they were living to please the Lord, whom, they professed to believe. Testing our faith is a challenge for all who profess to follow Jesus Christ. Our practice should match our profession.

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