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A couple had spent 50 years serving the Lord as missionaries. As they waited to leave the ship that brought them home, they noticed a crowd of people at the dock. They first thought the crowd was there to welcome them back. They soon discovered that the crowd came to welcome back a politician from a hunting trip. Dejected, the man went back to his cabin. He asked God why not even one person came to greet them. After a few minutes, he came out with a peaceful look on his face. His wife asked him what lifted his spirit. He said God just told me, ‘You are not home yet!’” That is how the Apostle Peter encouraged dejected believers in his day. They were under great stress because of their faith in Jesus Christ.  Some were tortured. Some had lost their homes. Many had to flee for their lives. Peter said, 1 Peter 5. “Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, and in his good time, he will honor you.” While we live on earth, we face discrimination, inequality, poverty. Make no mistake, God calls us to do all we can to eliminate such injustices, but after we have done all we can, we know that rich rewards await those who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we encourage ourselves with Peter’s words, “Give your worries and cares to God;” and with Paul’s words, “What we suffer now is not worth comparing to the glory that He will give us later.”

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