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A man was flying at 4,200 feet in his hang glider. Just as he started down, a powerful air current sent him diving toward the ground. He was sure he would die, but suddenly saw a red-tailed hawk going down with him, and decided to do what the hawk did. At about 100 feet from the ground, the hawk stopped falling, and so did the man. The hawk knew something! At this low point, warm air slowed his fall and stabilized his flight. This illustrates what Peter told church leaders and all of us. When we get to the end of ourselves, God is there to take care of us and lift us up. For that reason, Peter (1 Peter Chapter 5) told early church leaders to serve humbly as the shepherd of God’s people. Instead of letting power, money, and prestige motivate them to lead people, he urged elders to give of themselves and lead by example. Pride keeps older people from listening to the young and young people from listening to their elders. Humility works for both young and old, for as Jesus said, “Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and every one who humbles himself will be exalted.” Jesus humbled himself to suffer and God exalted him as lord over heaven and earth. Peter knew that if we follow the example Jesus gave us, God not only cares for us here, He reserves a great reward for us in heaven.

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