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Research shows that cooperative learning, as preschool children do is more effective than competitive learning. They learn by working together. Educators say teaching all students how to get along ought to continue through high school. Research shows that by teaching self-control, goal setting, teamwork, and conflict resolution, students make greater progress in all subjects. This approach is what the Apostle Paul urged Christians to use many years ago. He had shared the Gospel with them—the truth that we can be reconciled to God by faith in Jesus Christ. He taught that we can be united to God, not by our good efforts, but by our faith in what Jesus did. He explained that once we invite the Christ to live in us, God’s Spirit comes too. He helps us live to please God. False teachers followed Paul. They told these new believers that faith was not enough; they had to follow the old rules of circumcision and earn God’s favor. Paul wrote his letter to Galatians to challenge that false teaching. In chapter 5, he said, “Let the Holy Spirit guide your lives. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves.” In other words, if we accept Christ and submit to Him, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, we will not fulfill the desires of our sinful nature. He urged the believers —and us—to keep living by the Spirit and we will not fulfill the cravings of our sinful flesh. As we humbly submit to God’s Spirit, He helps us say no to sin and yes to the will of God.

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