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A young woman falsely accused an NFL ballplayer of raping her. The young man served five years of a 10-year sentence. Finally, the woman admitted she lied and he was set free. False accusations can be devastating. Jeremiah was falsely accused of siding with the enemy. He had foretold that his city would be overrun and the king carried off to Babylon as a captive. In Jeremiah Chapter 32, we learn that the king put him in prison for telling the truth. When Paul and Silas were falsely imprisoned for sharing the Gospel in Philippi, they prayed, and God sent an earthquake to set them free. When David was falsely accused, we read in Psalm 7 that he turned to God. He asked God to protect him. He also reviewed his past to make sure the charges leveled against him were really false. But instead of retaliating, he asked God to vindicate him and punish the evildoers. Because God is righteous, David knew God would never let the wicked forever get away with their evil deeds. He found comfort in reminding himself that God is and just and has declared His intent to punish all evildoers. David ends his psalm with jubilant praise of God for His justice. He rejoiced because he knew that while the wheels of justice may sometimes grind slowly, they grind exceedingly fine. That’s a truth God’s people can rely on when they are falsely accused and it seems that justice is slow in coming.

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