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In 1994, Davis Love was playing golf in the Western Open. At one point, he moved his ball to get it out of the way of another player. Later, he could not recall if he put it back; so not wanting to cheat, he gave himself an extra stroke. In doing so, he missed the cut, and lost thousands of dollars. Someone asked him how it felt to miss the Masters by giving himself a penalty. He said, “How would I feel if I won and wondered the rest of my life if I cheated to get in?” He was a man of integrity. In Psalm 15, David describes how people with integrity live, and in doing so, please God. He says they are sincere, do what is right, and are honest. They don’t gossip or slander others; they distinguish good from evil, and keep their word. They don’t charge interest to poor people; and they don’t accept bribes to lie on the innocent. Sadly, today some people who profess faith in Christ distort God’s grace to justify rotten behavior. Instead of drawing near to God and living by His standards, they try to get as far away from God as they can and still keep his favor. Our values should not come from TV, the internet, or our neighbors next door. They should come from God’s word. God wants His people to know His moral and ethical values-and to live by them.

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