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A man blind for 51 years could finally see after a complex operation. He was extremely grateful–because now he could discern yellow, red, the shape of a moon, the sunrise, and sunset. Gratitude can be so satisfying. The writer of Hebrews refers to a much more profound event than receiving physical sight. In Ch. 10, he refers to what Jesus Christ achieved for us by dying on the cross. He says by his death, Jesus opened for us a new and living way into the very presence of God. The background for this event was the worship center within the Jewish Temple. Only the High Priest could enter the most holy part of the temple—separated by a high, thick curtain. But when Christ died, God split the curtain from the top to the bottom. This symbolized that the way into God’s holy presence was now open–open because God accepted Christ’s death as full payment for our sin. In light of that event, the writer urges us to draw near to God because every barrier is gone! He urges us to hold tightly to the hope we affirm because God is faithful. He urges us to consider how we may spur others on to love others and do good deeds. He cautions us not to give up meeting together with others, because fellowship provides mutual support to encourage one another. He says we should do all this out of gratitude for what Jesus Christ has done for us.

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