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According to Harold Bredesen, scientists tried to develop a fish that could live outside of water. They bred and rebred a fish until it would rather die than get wet. Then on a tour, the fish fell into a lake and sank to the bottom. It was afraid to move lest it became wetter. Finally, it had to breathe or die. When it did, it wiggled with delight, and darted away. It rediscovered its fish nature. Acts 7 records that Stephen was defending himself before the Jewish leaders. He reminded them that long ago, their people under Moses had an experience like this fish. Moses first tried to rescue them by killing an Egyptian slave driver. Later, he reprimanded another Israelite for hurting his brother. That man said to Moses, “Who made you a ruler and judge over us.” Those hopeless Israelites rejected Moses as a leader. Yet later, these same people embraced Moses when he came to deliver them from bondage. After relating that incident to his Jewish audience, Stephen urged them not to make the mistake their ancestors made long ago. He wanted them to accept Jesus as their Messiah and rediscover God’s purpose for them. Stephen’s message to the people of his day applies to us. In order for us to know the real purpose for which God created us, we must accept His Son, Jesus the Christ.

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