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A 14-year old boy wanted to go to camp. His father told him if he earned the money he could go. The boy found a job, saved the money, and was eagerly looking forward to camp. Just before camp was to start, the boy’s father told the boy he needed that money—to pay for his fishing trip. The boy was terribly let down. How glad we are that we never need to worry that God will change His commitments to us. God has left many promises in His word for our benefit. He made one to ancient Israel while they were in exile (Jeremiah Chapter 30): “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Write down for the record everything I have said to you, Jeremiah. The time is coming when I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel and Judah. I will bring them home to this land that I gave to their ancestors, and they will possess it again. I, the LORD, have spoken!” God kept that promise, and 70 years later, they went home from exile. God also promised to send them a leader who would be both a king and a priest—one who would provide peace and prosperity, but also one who would have perfect access to God—a priest. We know Him as Jesus Christ. He came as promised, died on the cross to pay our sin debt. He went up to heaven and promised to return one day. He will fulfill all the promises He made for Israel’s benefit as well as for all who accept Him as their Savior. God’s promises are totally trustworthy.

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