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Two brothers, ages 5 and 8, were visiting their grandparents in the country. One day the elderly couple’s vicious dog got out of his cage and began chasing the five year old. As the boy ran screaming for help, his 8-year-old brother heard him and came running. The older boy got in front of the dog to let the dog bite him instead of his kid brother. The older boy took bites on his thigh and shoulder —to protect his little brother. The incident illustrates a vital truth no one should ignore. Just as the 5-year-old needed someone to rescue him from the dog, so we need someone to rescue us from the penalty of sins. In ancient Israel, God told the people to bring animal sacrifices when they came to worship Him. God’s word in Leviticus 17:11 says, “I have given you the blood on the altar to purify you, making you right with the LORD. It is the blood, given in exchange for a life, that makes purification possible.” God still requires a perfect sacrifice to atone for our sins today. The animal sacrifices back then anticipated the day when Jesus would become our perfect Substitute. He took our place when He died on the Cross. Those who truly accept Him are so grateful, they gladly serve Him and others.

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