If you live or work in a large urban area, you may have noticed the appearance of prominent advertisements that question the existence of God.

On October 20, the Chicago Coalition of Reason launched an ad campaign with a large billboard displayed in the Chicago Loop that reads: “Are you good without God? Millions are.” Similar ad campaigns have taken place recently in New York, Philadelphia, and throughout Europe.
Atheist Billboard 353x210

While atheist and secular organizations are working to portray their members as “peaceful” and “good” people who contribute to society (which, of course, is true in many instances), NPR recently reported on certain aspects of the atheist movement that reveal hate, hostility, and ridicule toward Christianity, God, and religion as a whole.

What do you think about this marketing blitz for atheism? Should we be worried?

If nothing else, it certainly revives questions that Christians have been wrestling with for ages: Can anyone truly be “good” without God? In what ways do atheists experience prejudice? How do we stand against this movement while reaching out to those who don’t believe?

For additional reading, check out Chicago Tribune religion reporter Manya Brachear’s blog post about the issue, as well as this column by Chuck Colson in Christianity Today.

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