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One sad commentary on our society is that some fathers break their promises to their children. Fathers are absent from homes for various reasons–not the least of which are broken relations with their spouses, loss of jobs, and incarceration. Whatever the reason, it results in their children having many anti-social problems. As far-fetched as it may seem to some, God offers Himself as our best model for nurturing our offspring. Observe how God treated the ancient nation of Israel. God delivered them from Egyptian slavery and established a covenant with them at Mt Sinai. Despite all the blessings God bestowed on them, they repeatedly broke their part of the covenant. Finally, God punished them by permitting their enemies to conquer their land and take them into exile. Yet despite God’s discipline of them, He did not abandon the entire nation. The prophet Isaiah tells us that. God preserved a remnant of them to fulfill the promise He made to their ancestor Abraham. Even in exile, God promised to supply their needs and permit them to return to their land. God was faithful despite their failure. God wants us to keep our promises to each other and especially to our dependent children. As fathers, we must fulfill our obligations to our children, not only in supplying money, but in supplying emotional and spiritual nurture as well.

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