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Some time ago it was common to hear people say, “Christ is the answer.” In response to this somewhat ambiguous statement, the late Tom Skinner wrote a book entitled “If Christ Is the Answer, What Are the Questions?” He sought to identify some of the questions to which Jesus Christ is the answer. Among them were questions of why people exploit the poor, why families break up, why teens rebel, why racism persists. Indeed, Christ is the answer if only we would sit at His feet and listen. We read in John, chapter 4, where a Samaritan woman asked Him a critical question: Should we Samaritans worship at Jerusalem or at Mt Gerizim–the place Samaritans considered sacred? Jesus explained that neither at Jerusalem nor at Mt Gerizim was the place to worship. He said the place to worship is irrelevant because God is Spirit–God is everywhere. Those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Moreover, He said, God is looking for people to worship Him that way. By that, He means we must worship God with our spirits and with the Holy Spirit. Any outward worship should reflect inner worship. Jesus also said we must worship in truth; we must base our worship upon truth that comes from God and is about God. Jesus said He is the truth that gives life. We come to God through Jesus, God’s Son. We praise and thank God for all He has done.

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