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Of all the events that have occurred since people appeared on earth, none is as profound and life-changing as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He came into the world to reveal God, and to carry out God’s plan for reconciling people to God. His teachings confirmed that the Scriptures were accurate when they predicted He would come. Once here, He taught and left us truths we could never know apart from Him. He died on the cross as the Scriptures predicted; and by rising from the dead, he confirmed His claim to be God’s Son. His resurrection releases the power that transforms those who believe. His return to life also lends credibility to His promise to come again, to subdue all nations, and to call people to account for their deeds. Because His resurrection has so much riding on it, critics have tried to discredit it. Some argue that Jesus never died in the first place — that He merely swooned and the cool tomb resuscitated Him. Some say His disciples stole his body; or that the women went to the wrong tomb and had hallucinations of a resurrection. All such theories fall flat, because of the testimonies by hundreds of credible eyewitnesses. None of the critics can successfully refute one simple statement found the Bible: The angel said, “He is not here. He is risen from the dead, just as He said.”

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