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Back in 1200 B.C., the Egyptians and the Hittites signed the first known peace treaty. After a grueling war in which nobody won, the two sides decided to settle by signing a treaty. Since that time, warring factions have signed hundreds treaties hoping to achieve peace. It still eludes us, whether it is peace between nations, within nations, among family members, or between individuals. Peace eludes us and causes conflict and chaos. How refreshing it is to read in John 14 that Jesus, just before leaving the earth, told his disciples that He was leaving them a gift of peace. The peace Jesus offers has two dimensions. First, Jesus offers to give us peace with God. Ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, we humans have been enemies of God, resisting His will and doing as we pleased. Christ died to destroy the enmity between God and us. When we accept Christ’s death as payment for our sins, God forgives us and we have peace with God. Jesus also offers inner peace to those who accept Him by faith. God sends His Spirit to live within us and His Spirit gives us calmness and the capacity to cope with the many trials that come our way. Jesus told His disciples — and us — that His peace is a gift the world cannot give. Humans can only wish for peace, Christ gives real peace — total well being and inner rest of spirit. We can experience this gift of peace by faith.

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